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Why is Melatonin not recommended for teens as a sleep aid?

The human body is a wonderful machine that works to perfection. It has an inbuilt clock that activates and deactivates many of our daily routines and functions. Sleep is an integral part of our life and each one of us require at least seven to eight hours of daily sleep. Sleep rejuvenates the brain and the body and keeps us healthy. Almost all of us fall asleep during the night because of the inbuilt mechanism of our body. There is a hormone known as Melatonin that gets activated during the night. Therefore it is important that our body has the right production and supply of Melatonin. Many people suffer from irregular secretion of this hormone. Therefore doctors may recommend a synthetic form of this hormone. In this article, we will be learning more about the tasks of Melatonin for teens as a sleep aid med and how the synthetic version can help in more ways than one.

Working of Melatonin for teens:

There are thousands of men and women, many of them teenagers who suffer from sleep disorders because of many reasons. In today’s globalized world many men and women may be forced to work night shifts because of their job nature and when we talk about Melatonin for sleep issues we have to keep this factor in mind. The synthetic form of Melatonin available in the form of capsules/tablets may be prescribed by doctors. This is done to address problems of minor sleeplessness and also varying degrees of insomnia.

Many enthusiastic and young teenagers try to buy melatonin for teens online in the hope that it may help them overcome the problems associated with sleeplessness. Such a decision to buy melatonin online without a valid prescription may not be the right approach. This is because men and women who decide to order melatonin cash on delivery may run the risk of becoming addicted to this drug. If this happens they may become dependent on Melatonin and their overall sleep pattern may go for a toss.

Is it right to buy Melatonin without prescription?

There is no doubt that Melatonin like other sleep-enhancing drugs should be taken very carefully and the tendency to buy melatonin without prescription should be avoided. In fact, it would be pertinent to mention here that reputed and trustworthy online suppliers of Melatonin will not encourage the supply of this medicine without a valid prescription. These risks and dangers associated with the illegal and indiscrete use of Melatonin far outweigh the benefits that users may get.

Our body is unique and it would be wrong to believe that all human bodies have the same brain structures and physical structures. Therefore before going in for any wrong usage of Melatonin we should be aware of the dangers. Many teenagers who have not heeded to the advice of doctors have fallen victims to severe withdrawal symptoms because of wrong and indiscriminate use of Melatonin. Therefore being careful and proactive is a much better way forward than paying the price because of the wrong usage of the drug.

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