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About Suboxone

Suboxone is a prescribed medicine (Buy Suboxone Online) for opioid addiction. A tablet that is taken by placing it under your tongue will get dissolved. It consists of two drugs naloxone and buprenorphine. The medicine is effective in treating opioid addiction. Effectiveness is based on how long people stay on the treatment.
It helps in the prevention of painful treatment for withdrawal symptoms. It is now preferred medicine over other medicines like Methadone which can be addictive. Side effects are reduced of opioids like heroin, and prescribed painkillers. People use suboxone at the beginning of the treatment, in continuing the treatment, and for recovery also. A personalized treatment plan can be chosen with the help of your doctor.

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Uses of Suboxone

Doctors prescribe suboxone to reduce dependence on opioids. It’s not recommended for long-acting opioids. Instead, people use buprenorphine medication. There are phases of medication in the first phase, withdrawal symptoms are the main focus of the treatment process. Medication will help to reduce withdrawal symptoms and even remove them. Then comes the withdrawal phase and maintenance phase of treatment. Once these phases of treatment are completed, your doctor will reduce the dose of medicine until you don’t need it. It is regarded as a long-term solution for opioid addiction. The recovery plan also reduces the dependence on opioids. This medication can help you to get-

  • Relief from pain
  • Calmness
  • Overall well being
  • Reduction in stress levels
  • Provides you with relaxation.

The doctor’s advice must be followed while taking suboxone. With every dose, particular directions are required to be followed. The medication comes in film or tablet form. You need to consume it by placing it under the tongue. To have the right amount of medicine every time. Take care of two things while taking the medicine- First, don’t chew or swallow it. As medicine will not work if you chew or swallow it. Don’t talk while the medicine is in your mouth. The medicine may not properly affect you or get absorbed if you talk.


At the start, the dosage should be 2 to 8 mg of suboxone film as suggested. Its initial dose of 2 mg and then 4 mg at 2 hours of intervals in between. Under a doctor’s supervision, it can increase up to 8 mg based on the symptoms in an individual. The dose depends upon the opioid dependence, the last time it is taken, and the degree or level of it. To prevent the precipitation of opioid withdrawal syndrome, the first dose of medicine should begin when objective signs of moderate withdrawal symptoms are seen.

A single dose of medicine is also recommended. Up to 16 mg of suboxone tablets are suggested. This helps to reduce exposure to naloxone. Proper visits and doctors’ advice is necessary for proper treatment and dosage. Multiple refills of medicine are not recommended at the beginning without the right patient follow-ups.


There are various risks involved. If you overdose on your medication. Take care of the following things while taking the medicine-

  • Place the tablet under your tongue until it gets dissolved.
  • Do not share your medicine with another person if he has a history of drug abuse or addiction.
  • Don’t take medicine without a prescription. Especially to children and other individuals.
  • Not advised to take medicine with alcohol or other hard drinks. It may cause drowsiness and slow breathing.
  • Pregnant women are not recommended to take the medicine. As it can be fatal for the newborn.
  • You are not advised to take suboxone if you are allergic.
  • Suboxone is not safe for you if you have tooth problems, breathing problems, liver disease, etc. After taking note of these risks you can Buy Suboxone Online from our website.

Alternates available

Various alternatives are available in diverse forms to treat opioid addiction. Before taking them, talk with the doctor about which one will be suitable for you.


  • Subcutaneous injection (sublocade)
  • Lofexidine
  • Methadone
  • Naltrexone
  • IM injection

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